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Are Long Pips Cheating?

Автор: geokond  | 19 декабря 2007 » Настольный теннис » Tactical Table Tennis website

Are Long Pips Cheating?

Long pips have always been controversial rubbers. This are some of the points made by players that complain on long pips, and my comments on each point:

Playing For Variation With Long Pips

Автор: geokond  | 12 декабря 2007 » Настольный теннис » Tactical Table Tennis website

Here there are some tips I find useful to play a long pips style, specially with
chopping long pips (those that have high spin reversal), since hitting long pips don't
allow so much variation. Deceptive long pips (those that randomize spin) can take profit
of this tips too, even if they are not so good for chopping.

Tips For Lobbing

Автор: geokond  | 20 ноября 2007 » Настольный теннис » Tactical Table Tennis website


Tips For Lobbing

Playing Defense On Hard Floors And Fast Tables

Автор: geokond  | 7 ноября 2007 » Настольный теннис » Tactical Table Tennis website

hard floor and fast tables

If you play competition, when moving from one playing area to another, you'll notice that the playing conditions are never the same.

On Opponent Scouting

Автор: geokond  | 26 октября 2007 » Настольный теннис » Tactical Table Tennis website

When in a tournament, and playing new, unfamiliar opponents, you can improve your performance against a specific opponent if you have scouted him while he is playing matches. Even top players do so (well, they use videos and call it 'studying the opponent' or 'preparing matches'. Anyway, I think 'live' scouting has some advantages, specially since you can direct your attention to things that can't be as easily seen in video, or not seen at all).

The whole point is simple: Anything you'll see, think in how to deal with it to your profit.

Really Nasty Tricks

Автор: geokond  | 11 октября 2007 » Настольный теннис » Tactical Table Tennis website

This are tricks and cheats I have seen or read about. Some players have shared with me his dirty tricks: Credit go to all of you - you know who you are (I can't give names on this :)....

Note that you shouldn't do any of the things mentioned here unless you want to CHEAT. I'm just providing you with the info. Information can't be bad by itself.
Also note that all this tricks are NOTHING in comparison to the AVERAGE serves you see when you go to a tournament, which are highly illegal.

How Long Pips Work

Автор: geokond  | 11 октября 2007 » Настольный теннис » Tactical Table Tennis website

How Long Pips Work...

That's a tricky question. They have no 'general' performance, since their characteristics have the wider parameter combination and variation range among all the rubbers. Some players never know for sure how to play against long pips players, because all those rubbers definitely don't play the same.

In general, long and thin (high aspect ratio), flexible long pips are the best for chopping. Flexible, high aspect ratio long pips will return a lot of spin, and some can be unpredictable. Wide spreaded pips (low pip density) will make the rubber more unpredictable. Rough top sheet (dead) will make it unable to produce spin, While smooth top sheet is spiny. Wide and/or shorter pips with thick sponge are best suited for an aggressive blocking & hit style.

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