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Holding The Bat


There are generally two types of bat grips. The shakehand and the penhold . In my opinion, 'fork-hold' and 'chopsticks-hold' are probably more accurate. The Europeans hold the bat exactly the same as they use a fork,with the first finger for a supportive role. Think about it,do you shake someone's hand with your first finger sticking out? (Well, you may do to someone you've fallen for.) Amazingly, it's the Oriental people who use chopsticks the same way they hold the bat! They are just used to it from the first day of table tennis. Huh! Does my theory explain why they are doing so well with their 'chopsticks-hold' bat grip that the Europeans wouldn't even think about? Cannot think of a better reason.

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On Shakehand Offensive Play


On Shakehand Offensive Play
Cai Zhenhua, China National Team Head Coach

On Shakehand Offensive Play

This is a translation from the original article in Chinese. Readers will notice many terms used are not available in the table tennis terminology of English. The tt terminology in China is much more detailed and specific, and hence it's not unusual to find terms without simple English equivalent. Sometimes one simple Chinese term requires a whole line or even a paragraph to be accurate in English. For reasons of simplification, I have 'created' certain terms which are marked with ' * ' in the article . Should you have any questions or rather feel there is a better replacement, please do let me know. - Lynn

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What if not sure of the chopping variation


What if not sure of the chopping variation

Мария Зеленова

When playing a chopper and having little knowledge of his spin variation, you may suddenly feel nervous and hopeless, "oh, what can I do?" The worst is that you may even lose your own style under such circumstances.

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Rubber Care - 5 советов по очистке накладок


Rubber Care

The simple truth is that the higher tech your rubbers get, the more vulnerable they become, same as our everyday life. So we've got to take them serious as what we do towards our health.

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The Technical Trends - Present and Future


Table tennis has gone through many phases of technical development over the past 40 years or so. By trends I mean those play styles representative of a fair proportion of players who, by adopting similar technical characteristics, achieve leading results at international level.

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Ideal Blade Design For A Modern Chopper


Courtesy of http://my.123india.com/advance

Что-то похоже сильно на творчество S Jan`a ...

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Measuring Service Effectiveness


Translated from Xiaoyuer Pingpong World(Chinese)

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Techniques > Why Elbow Is Lifted In Smash Stroke?


Techniques > Why Elbow Is Lifted In Smash Stroke?

As shoulder, waist and arm turns to the left, the ball travels smoothly as intended to the other side of table and will not go outside.

Внимание! У вас нет прав для просмотра скрытого текста.

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The Ten Commandments Of Table Tennis



оригинал публикации нашел здесь

автор перевода известен, статья интересная.

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