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Ma Wenge

18 июня 2008 | Автор: geokond  | Просмотров: 4 514 |


Ma Wenge
Ma Wenge
Explanation/Hiroyuki Abe (this New Year's Day champion)

The horse Great Cultural Revolution which debuted by a world championship meet and contributed to a group victory big including about 3 winning by unlined clothing for 89 years (MA WENGE).
Why can I play an active part by the small form near the Japanese player?
That's because you can balance the whole.
How to use the upper part of body, the lower part of the body and the knee is free-hand and, how to take it out a racket face and 瞬発力等々.
... which can't also miss saying speed of the reading and the depth necessary to a table tennis play again.

Then I'd like to introduce a continuous picture.

Ma Wenge 1
Ma Wenge 2

Service is taken out straight small from the back side.
It's a picture of (4) could that you see here.

A left foot had gone out at service, but it's to return it to a parallel stance and enter the next condition quickly.
When it's this, you can seize and prepare wraparound, TSUTTSUKI and a block to 4 or 5 ways.

I get a stance widely by (5) and make sure that Tsutomu will enter the lower part of the body also put a free hand in the front and am keeping a balance.
It was in the tired state, but I press down on a left foot, and suddenness is returned using a racket hand again by the thing stopped small.
And a returned ball is returned by the back volley, but I want you to see that time's take-back (10).
There are a lot of people who take out only a racket at such time, but it's being pulled.
It's important here.

Ma Wenge 3
Ma Wenge 4

Next it has been returned by the back volley again, but it's pushed back using a free hand so as not to lose the power of the partner at the same time.

Next I seize the forehand middle and am late little, but it's shaken off and the ball is returned.
And the center of gravity, it moves to the left around and is crowded

Ma Wenge 5

Ma Wenge 6

Ma Wenge 7

Ma Wenge 8


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