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ISHIGAKI Yuka interview

29 сентября 2009 | Автор: geokond  | Просмотров: 3 687 |


2008 Pro Tour Grand Finals: U21 Macao vinner
ISHIGAKI Yuka interview

ISHIGAKI Yuka interview

Ogimura Cup Japan Open winner ever of the two other times, entering the top position in the international Pro Tour, stacked from the point first decided to participate in the tournament final.

ISHIGAKI Yuka interview

The final is played in place of what you point.
Ishigaki Able to participate in the 4 position.

ISHIGAKI Yuka interview

Contestants have?
Ishigaki   Top eight people.

The first opponent in qualifying.
Ishigaki   Was Dodean of Romania.
I also rank above the world, we face two times so far.
He played a high-end of one or two I think it was high time, they really depends on the rotation of the drive was worth a damn.
This time, I'm thinking of going Rimashita anyway.
I suffered, with the momentum by winning the first game, the three were able to pass the qualifying round undefeated.
Then, in qualifying block B of Samara, one another, they are left-handed players in Romania, but the odds are against a little, I fell in qualifying is that three-way players.
I thought it would be to play in the tournament final, this is a lucky thought.

ISHIGAKI Yuka interview

Semi-final opponent.
Ishigaki   Russian players because that was all set before losing in the juice, and rid of worry and I think the first half and led 2-0 I ,2-3 and I have been reversed.
Turnout is the point of attack into the ball most of the opportunity, becoming increasingly swimmers, the swimmers at all and the final set was a feeling that we can do.
But I finally went in to get absolute bull.
I won 10-9 contains a smash, I was good and proved to be of the tough.

Ishigaki   To play in the qualifying, I had two second, I always so weak eye two times, never one to take the first set, If they try the other one's shirt tightly, who is good at beating players cut I knew that they were, from the first set, I think one could've handled the focus is very good from the fence.

Moment decision to win?
Ishigaki   I have not won much recently, Dr. Wu has been in care or to many who wanted to give something back to, I wanted it anyway, is very glad.
Also, since Kitajima beat him have a little feeling that the world championship, I was good.

Tournament, and is known throughout most good point
Ishigaki   The strong feeling was good and the win, I usually rush away, floating in one's hand cut, or be struck by it, if other strong players, a greater stability may not cut too Ta I, this time with another solid center of gravity and swing, and it was good of course Beta hard to beat the opponent, and also attached change, so the cut was in good condition, often attack Also, I think the motivation was high.

Is more "Nittakunyusu February issue" has been published to.


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