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Open letter to ITTF and the president Mr A.Sharara in person

19 марта 2007 | Автор: def  | Просмотров: 5 027 |


Stop hypocrisy!

I carefully studied discussions concerning pimple minimal friction and Aspect Ratio on ITTF site as well as other sources available. As a result of investigating the problem and in view that I’m well aware of international realities I developed a steadfast impression of your organization as a double standard addict similar to the USA government. The latter likes solving its problems with the help of mysterious outcast countries (forming the list of them according to unknown criteria), and your Federation does the same at the expense of a certain group of table tennis players, which is obviously not welcomed by ITTF.

Possible future restriction of minimal pimple friction is merely another mistake, similar to 40 mm ball or Aspect Ratio.
The previous rule changes have not affected standings of the top players, but forced a multi-million army of amateur and recreation players to fuss and adapt to changes, with the purpose of those changes remaining unclear to them.
Your reference to an unpredictable ball trajectory from such pimples is as solid as would be my reference to a strange hardly predictable ball trajectory from extremely spinny rubbers, which no sane human being is going to ban. After all table tennis is a game based among other things on dealing with spin (or its absence), rather than only on creating such spin.
In this regard accusing coaches of being unwilling to train top defensive-destructive players is difficult to understand: the process takes from 8 to 10 years, and during this period your organization manages to change the rules twice, with all the changes being unfavorable to players of this style.
It is quite moving that by introducing various coefficients you take care of us, the defense style players, and of our skills. In veteran table tennis everybody keeps thinking exclusively about it – in their spare time after coming home from work . However, I’m afraid we will be increasing our level in such kinds of sport as alpine skiing or lawn tennis, where rules do not change at that pace. Another opportunity is to spend our spare time and organize tournaments according to schemes free of any federations at all. In modern world based on the power of money it seems that we will invest not in your organization and related ones, but into steadier alternative sports.
Possible future ban of minimal friction pimples and your appeal to increase skills looks like a humiliation of veterans of 60+ and 70+. Unless along with a tool to measure minimal pimple friction (which would be rather similar to notorious Nazi’s angle bars to define people of Nordic race in its essence as well as in its form) the federation develops immortality elixir.

It also seems that ITTF is trying to develop a one-polar world of table tennis by means of strange prohibitions. I would like to remind you, just in case, that a similar attempt of your colleagues from International Tennis Federation (ITF) at the beginning of 1970s resulted in splitting in this sport, boycotting ITF tournaments by professional players and creating Association of Tennis Professionals – ATP. This association created a rich and numerous series of its own tournaments and pushed ITF aside. It is quite probable that due to previous prohibition and future ban of regluing players of Boll and Samsonov level will consider similar organization in table tennis. . It is also quite probable that in our money-driven world current and future sponsors will take our side, the side of the players but not the ITTF officials. Officials of the federation which wants something it is not aware of…
In view of the situation in question I suggest:

- to stop all discussions of banning pimples with minimal friction officially;
- to accept a new Aspect Ratio of at least 1.5 (to compensate for the 40 mm ball!) to stimulate the efforts of defensive style coaches and players;
- To solve the problem of regluing with IOC in favor of the former, having in mind that this organization accepts stinking heath-damaging ski paraffins and tennis string, let alone sweaty sport socks and shoes;
- to abolish an ancient ITTF ban of 15% threshold of synthetic materials in table tennis blades, which will attract to our sport new brand name producers and sponsors of higher financial level (Head, Fisсher etc)

I wish ITTF and you personally to increase the skill of making money for table tennis development by legitimate ways but not by means of organized racketing of players and producers in equipment area.

As yet sincerely yours
Roman Avaev,
St Petersburg

It is clear my letter has been sent to ITTF and local federations – suppose they change their minds.
But it is also for tennis players of all levels, who must know that stupidity can settle at the highest level.
Certainly, the letter is for professional players without whom table tennis would die as a spectacle. Players should consider themselves as a force and find an opportunity to form an organization – even if only some tens of the first world ranking thousand. And I am ready to help this process with my publicist talent and economic education.
Therefore I ask everybody to give this letter maximal publicity by sending it and some parts of it to as many media as possible, both conventional and electronic.
I hope to send this English version to ITTF and would welcome its distribution to as many sites as possible. Collection of signatures is being organized.


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