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Rubber Care - 5 советов по очистке накладок

27 августа 2007 | Автор: Су-27  | Просмотров: 3 719 |


1. Gently wipe off dirts and stains from the rubber regularly with a piece of clean wet cotton cloth.

2. You may use cleaning creams as recommended by suppliers. But bear in mind they are chemical products and no chemical is harm free. They come in various types and be sure you are using the right type for your rubber.

3. Your fingers are greasy(dirty in another word). Let alone when you've just finished a nice fatty burger. So just don't touch your delicate rubber with them. It's a courtesy you don't finger touch other peoples rubbers as well. You are allowed to have a good look at your opponents bat but try to avoid finger contact. If you do have to, only try the redundant areas.

4. Once its airtight poly-wrapping is opened, the rubber won't stay properly functional for over one year even if it's left absolutely intact. It's subject to oxidisation and temepration and all that sort. When exposed to sunlight and damp, it deteriorates even quicker. In the same sense, it will be silly to leave it near a heater/radiator or a/c air outlet. Needless to say, however, frequent use is the prevailing factor in invalidating the rubber. Professionals change their rubbers on a weekly basis(some in a couple of days), and the max. wouldn't be over a month. If you practice three times a week, the expected frequency would be around 3 months, and for once a week it would be 6 months.

An aged rubber often makes you feel baffled with some plays, and a sudden new one does the same to you. It's basically a sense of losing control.

5. For a longer lasting effect, Chinese players often cover the rubber with a thin poly-film after use. It does help prevent the rubber from being exposed to air. This is especially effective if you want to keep your rubber "grippy".


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  #1 написал: rgolubtsov (27 октября 2007 01:35)  
Прописные истины. Впрочем, некоторые о них никогда и не слышали (я имею ввиду тех, для кого н/т — "just for fun", не больше). Другие ухаживают за накладками по-своему, но тоже правильно.


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