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TSP Super Spinpips 21 Offensive Sponge Review

18 марта 2009 | Автор: geokond  | Просмотров: 6 064 |


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TSP Super Spinpips Offensive 21 Review
by varghese on December 22, 2008

TSP Super Spinpips 21 Offensive Sponge Review

In the past, I have tried few short pips like Joola Amigo and Snabb. I have primarily bought these pips to learn its behavior and find out whether it can replace my long pips. Joola Amigo is not legal anymore. The Snabb 2.0 mm version I have tried did not find to be good backhand chopping rubber – the ball takes off faster.

Recently I have received few enquires regarding TSP spinpips. The original TSP spinpips table tennis rubber which has been used by many world top players is not legal anymore. The TSP has come up with a new Super Spinpips. This is a short pips and it is legal. I have tried 1.3 mm, 1.7 mm and 2.1 mm versions of TSP Super Spinpips. It comes in 2.2 mm version also.

An amazing thing some players have noticed out of me was I played like inverted with TSP Super Spin pips 2.1 mm. The TSP Super Spinpips is a spinny rubber with pips little more widely spread than the previous version which has been banned. Although it can’t put a lot of spin like inverted, it can generate decent top spin. Someone uses TSP Super Spinpips does not use to generate some good top spin, but it’s great control and spin variation helps the player. I had excellent “touch and feel” with this rubber.

I don’t have to tell its ability to hit the ball. Unlike other pips, with the blade little closed, I was able to still hit the ball. The other pips require a more open blade. As I have said before, I was able to play very similar to inverted. A lot of time, my motion confused my opponents. A high arc loop stroke will force the opponent to be ready for a short block on the table, but they wont be able to get to my side because it does not have any spin – I was able to purposefully change the stroke in the last moment from loop to hit.

I had tremendous control when I have tried various spin during the serve. With the pips aligned horizontally, any cross stroke can generate variety of spin. The forward motion on serve mostly created knuckle balls. It would be effective if serve is done with a cross stroke with forward movement of forearm. Look at He Zhi Wen of Spain – he does amazing serves with a similar short pips.

I’ve tried the TSP Super Spinpips on Dr.Neubauer Combination Effect paddle which is made of balsa. I’ve found the TSP Super Spinpips has high throw – the sponge is hard among the various short pips that TSP produces. I have tried this on the backhand and forehand.

I don’t recommend this pips to be used with any speed glue or booster. Unlike other pips, this has good speed and spin for a close to the table variety game. If you are a player who uses one side of the racket only, this rubber is a perfect match. It can chop as well as play top spin. I can recommend also this rubber for the backhand side of a player who defends as well as hit. It has very good long pips rubber effect, so if you can’t control a long pips rubber, this is a right choice.

The TSP Super Spinpips can’t generate heavy top spin like inverted, so the points come out of using Super Spinpips come from spin variation. A counter game is unproductive with this rubber because the opponent can return the ball easily. The TSP Super Spinpips responds to incoming spin – not like long pips.

The 1.3 mm version suits players who play very close to the table. The 2.2 mm version gives a little more power and speed to play 3 to 4 feets away from the table. For defense, the 1.3 mm version is only necessary.


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Комментарии (3)

  #1 написал: Су-27 (18 марта 2009 14:44)  
Играл TSP Spectol долгое время. дюже жевучие шипы

  #2 написал: Avaev (18 марта 2009 22:57)  
ТСП по шипам все-таки рулит. Тока кЕтай ее может перебороть - и то за счет цен в основном. wink

  #3 написал: Су-27 (21 марта 2009 13:18)  
Возможно, лидерство в том что заводы пока в японии?
или все в китае клепают?


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