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Hint of practice: The form of the forehand drive

31 июля 2008 | Автор: geokond  | Просмотров: 3 556 |


Hint of practice
The form of the forehand drive
Koji Oribe.
(ITS Mitaka representation and Ikebukuro community college table tennis reed spotted school lecturer)
You serve as interpretation of a naughty donor workshop every year.
The active age belongs to SUEDENRIGU and plays an active part.
83 year world championship Tokyo meeting Japanese representative.

It starts from a finger of a foot and finishes using a finger of a hand.
1. Basic position
30 times-45 times of angle with the stand which makes the left foot the front a little, and is a body, it's made.
I put the center of gravity on a tip of the toe and bend my knees lightly. A lower back faces a tip of the toe of refreshing development and both feet.
Start (backswing)
I turn a body (axis) by the same speed as the speed of the ball.
An arm is bent lightly and there is near the body.
I pay attention so as not to shake an arm in the back.
A backswing makes sure that the axis will do thoroughly.
When a racket has come to the backswing complete spot, a movement axis to the way of the batted ball makes sure that it has started.
The power of the arm is removed and practices in order to take out a movement of natural pretense.
A movement axis for a backswing makes a foothold reliable in order to shift to a revolution axis to the front smoothly.
A tip of the toe rises, and I pay attention so that the knee doesn't face to the side.
I hope that an elbow develops perfectly.
A racket is late for an arm, and begins to move because a wrist relaxes.
I make sure that the movement of a racket from a backswing to impact will be parallel with a movement of the right lower back mostly.
A racket moves first and I pay attention so that a lower back doesn't start to follow from the back.
A head of a racket is in the state which fell at the time of impact.

The thing to which tension in the front of a body has gone out sufficiently at impact.
Build (axis) circulate at the time of a batted ball.
And I decide not to add any special power to the time of impact.

A movement of a racket at the time of impact be stable for being most important by impact.
When I put the emphasis, pretense will be late, and a movement often also becomes unstable.
The state which developed mostly is skillful at the time of impact.
The return the shape of the body and the capacity of the finish shake it off and by which they're a racket head is unified.
Long is practiced at the destination where decision 打 is struck, so the thing the most important thing can reject when doing long practice.
Therefore it's important to practice repeatedly by speed which can be shaken off.
When the tempo is made quick and the swing which isn't rejected is continued, the bad form (the (middle) route where decision 打 can't be struck, incomplete style of batting) closes about a body.
An arm relaxes and returns to a basic position after a finish (An elbow is opened once.)
An arm is lowered in front of the body.
I decide not to enter a backswing immediately after a finish.
A movement of the speed of the ball and the form (axis) is always put together tightly and swing is repeated.



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